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Ottawa Challengers Basketball (OCB) youth program indoor zoom training for Boys and Girls Ages 9 to 13


It’s not suitable to play alone on the street by shooting the ball on the driveway. Please don’t break the car from your parents. Why playing virtual basketball on the video? It’s boring and selfish. Come my friend join us on 660 river road in Nepean, nice outdoor basketball field, playing and listening to music is the best way for you to spend a good time with friends. It’s much recommended for the kids to come and have fun with their schoolmates or friends during the summer.

The OBC’s youth program is for young players beginners or advanced running by the skilled basketball coaches, where they are taught basketball skills and play games suited to their age and skill level. Whether your athlete is a beginner or advanced player, the OBC youth program will give the opportunities to the players to challenge themselves, through some drills and games improve their basketball skills in a fun outdoor environment with outdoor basketball materials such as the scoreboard, basketball mannequins…..


  • Ball Handling 

  • Dribbling 

  • Shooting 

  • Passing 

  • Rebounding 

  • Defence 

  • Cutting 

  • Footwork 

  • Screens 

  • Triple-Threat 

  •  Offence 



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Ottawa Basketball Challengers Program

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